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"It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop." -Wisdom of Confucius


From a Walmart mountain bike, to an All-Pro 3 Speed from the 60s, now Im racing a KHS. Speed, leisure, commuting, and bike love.

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I cringe when I see people who ride their bike in flip flops. 

Being a chef for over twenty years I'm glad to see promoting the vegan lifestyle and protein sources from a veggie base. And although not a full veggie myself, I eat vegetarian almost vegan at least three times a week. Sometimes four!
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Awesome to hear!!! I don’t think it necessarily matters if you are successfully 100% vegan all the time. Its the fact of just being knowledgeable about food and making smart and healthy decisions about what you are putting into your body! Super great to hear from you. Thanks for sharing. 

[cyclist group went in for a crossfit class today. It included but was not limited to our sad attempts and pull ups and push ups.]



And yet they have extremely low rates of cycling related head injuries. Meanwhile, the US is among those countries that lead in both wearing helmets and head injuries. One of the main differences? Serious investments in cycling infrastructure, much of which is segregated or protected from auto traffic. 

From This Big City.

Maybe they just don’t ride hard enough.

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